Palmetto State Live Show Series
NAN Qualifier shows in central South Carolina

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Confirmed Dates for 2019:
April 6th • August 17th • October 19th

Updates for the 2019 Show Series:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Palmetto State Futurity Program for 2019

Once again we will be offering our Futurity Program at the 2019 shows - There are TWO that entrants are eligible for (and please note the changes!):

Entrant Futurity- You must enter all three Open Division shows. Each show earns you a "ticket" to enter into the drawing held at our October show. Winner receives a $100 cash prize.

Horse Futurity - Pick ONE horse from your showstring who has earned the most NAN cards at the April and August 2019 shows (Cumulative total from both shows is okay & to your if you have a horse that does well at the April show, you will want to bring it to the August show to potentially earn more NAN cards). At our October show, present those NAN cards to showholder for same number of "tickets" to be entered into a cash drawing of $50.

Drawing will be held near the start of the show on October 19, 2019. Good luck to everyone!

2018 winners were Michelle Masters ($100) and Rae Abelt ($50) - congratulations!


April 6, 2019
August 17, 2019
October 19, 2019

Shasta getting some love at the October 20, 2018 Palmetto State Live

Anna Ruby Whitmire - our 2018 Breyer Live Show Benefit Model recipient!

The boring blah, blah stuff:

For those coming to April's show...I will add a few green and yellow card classes for some custom glazed chinas (CMGs). Classes will be determined on show day, depending on what we have present. So, if you want to bring a CMG, feel free to do so. I am thinking no more than 6 classes this will not be a huge division or anything.

Secondly, for our newcomers, I wanted to be certain that you were aware that we do have a few regular canines that also attend Palmetto State, so if you have allergies, you need to let me know ASAP so that I can seat you as far away from them as possible. This DOES NOT mean that dogs are allowed at Palmetto State. Only well-behaved doggie citizens (with their highly responsible owners) who have received my seal of approval are allowed.

At the April show we WILL have Overall Champs and Reserves - unlike years past - so you will not want to pack away any horse that earns a Champion in breed classes.

And, because someone always asks me on show day, yes, the hall has Wi-Fi, but no, I do not know the password, nor will the church give it to me - sorry!

The April 6th show is SOLD OUT!
Get your entries on in for August & October to secure your spot!

If you need a PDF file of the classlist, please email me directly...Website Builder no longer allows me to upload files for free :-( There will NOT be any classlist copies available on show day, so please plan accordingly!
  1. April 6th Show's Judges:
    Performance = Amanda Smith OF Plastic Breed = Brooke Smith AR/CM Breed = Stone/Copperfox = Micros = Beth Patterson Vintage Breyer = Michelle Masters Classics = Christine Reiger Youth =
  2. Youth Division
    Youth Division classlist is posted on the Open Classlist page. Youth entrants are allowed to enter any of the Fun Classes, held during lunch!
  3. Payment of Entry Fee
    We do not accept Paypal, but gladly take personal checks up until the earlybird deadlines. Thereafter, please pay via a US Postal Money Order. There is a returned check fee of $45.
  4. Entrants for April 6th 2019
    Please see the left column of the "Classlist" page for a listing of all who have entered a particular show. Space is limited and only the first 17 entrants have a table provided (names in BLUE). If you are one of the later entrants, you will need to bring your own table or contact show hostess to arrange something. Don't delay sending in your entry!
  5. And There Were Rounds...
    If you positively detest round tables, you will want to be sure to let me know and bring your own rectangular table to the show. Unfortunately, about half of our entrant tables are round. Just a heads-up to those who do not relish circular objects.
  6. Raffle Ticket Pricing:
    Be sure to bring some extra money to purchase raffle tickets. We typically have a very nice selection of items and you'll want to take home something new, I'm sure! Prices are: 1 for $1; 6 for $5; 30 for $20